1. offers you the chance to get free riot points.
Codes are updated at the webmaster's discretion and can be redeemed in the League of Legends shop.
To get a valid code, ALL steps must be fulfilled.
After completion of the survey, the participant will receive his or her code.
Due to the heavy volume of traffic, there is no guarantee of every code working;
some may have already been authorized - again, codes are updated as seen fit, with no discernable timetable
If the code has been claimed by another user, the recipient of the code may not ask for his money back - 0% exceptions.


The term "free Riot Points" is due to the website compensating the participant for his/her time; the currency being Riot Point codes.
We claim no responsibility for the surveys people take or offers they choose as we do not influence any decisions,
meaning any costs from accepted offers are not under our jurisdiction - we are not liable for such costs
We try to provide as many "no cost" surveys as possible; however, it is country-dependent.


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