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get ready for generation z forbes - cultural diversity with skyrocketing growth in biracial and minority populations generation z embraces multiculturalism as a touchstone of who they are and this also informs their attitudes on, working beyond five generations in the workplace forbes - the gen z effect by thomas koulopoulos and dan keldsen image rawn shah based on originals by authors, twelve forces that will radically change how organizations - as these six forces propel a variety of changes in the demand for talent six social economic political and technological forces are shaping the supply, the whys and hows of generations research pew research - the whys and hows of generations research at the center of the pew research center s mission is a commitment to measuring public attitudes on key issues and documenting differences in attitudes between demographic and political groups, dion chang can spot a trend a mile away and made doing so - future proof your child by entering her him into the kidpreneur challenge the prize money is a mere fraction of the real reward, news breaking stories updates the telegraph - 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