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5 practices for orchestrating productive mathematics - 5 practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions 2nd edition anticipating students solutions to a mathematics task monitoring students in class real time work on the task selecting approaches and students to share them sequencing students presentations purposefully connecting students approaches and the underlying mathematics, taking action implementing effective mathematics teaching - melissa boston frederick dillon margaret smith and stephen miller are you ready to take your teaching to the next level taking action implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in grades 9 12 offers a coherent set of professional learning experiences designed to foster teachers understanding of the effective mathematics teaching practices and their ability to apply those, the 5 practices framework explicit planning vs explicit - next steps check out the video to see teachers learning about these 5 practices in a recent im professional development find a sample lesson plan written using the 5 practices here grade 6 unit 3 lesson 4 activity 1 road trip in illustrative mathematics 6 8 math curriculum if you are reading the 5 practices book i would love to hear your personal connections and reflections as you, a balancing act developing a discourse community in a - see discussions stats and author profiles for this publication at https www researchgate net publication 226596811 a balancing act developing a discourse, webbing and orchestration two interrelated views on - since their introduction in the 80s of the previous century the integration of digital tools in mathematics education is considered both promising and problematic on the one hand the potential of digital tools is widely recognized new, math methodology instruction essay introduction to - math methodology is a three part series on instruction assessment and curriculum sections contains relevant essays and resources part 1 math methodology instruction the instruction essay page 1 of 3 on this page contains the following subsections introduction to teaching challenges, hotel snap finding ways - nctm illuminations has my blessings and thanks to re write and feature this lesson on their site andrew stadel and i recently presented this task at the 2013 cmc s north and south conferences the challenge as a team build a hotel that yields the highest profit score, patterns poster for algebra 1 finding ways - a month ago i wrote a post on first day lessons many more than two of you expressed interest in the lesson patterns poster for algebra 1 i would never redo a lesson if i didn t think it was worthwhile and i think this is the 7th year that i do this same lesson to start off algebra