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subarusvx com faq transmission - the 4eat transmission installed in the subaru svx also in the legacy nissan pathfinder and mazda mpv suffers from one fatal problem heat, subaru svx specs overview subarusvx com specs - subaru svx subaru svx pictures faq transmission wheel bearings alcyone alcyone, subaru alcyone svx wikipedia - the subaru alcyone svx marketed outside japan as the subaru svx is a two door front engine all or front wheel drive coup manufactured and marketed by subaru from 1991 to 1996 over a single generation as subaru s first entry into the luxury performance market the svx was noted for its aircraft inspired window within a window side glass configuration, overhaul kits automotive and trucks drivetrain com - we offer a series of transmission manuals to assist you the typical manual includes tear down details and assembly instructions as well as valuable information such as road test procedures diagnostic information oil pressure and range reference charts wiring and hydraulic diagrams checkball and thrust washer locations torque and end play specifications electronic controls and operations, rebuilt engine and transmission for sale remanufactured - new automatic remanufactured subaru transmissions we specialize in supplying the highest quality remanufactured transmissions in the market today, subaru all wheel drive explained awd cars 4x4 vehicles - with manual transmission both 5 and 6 speed full time all wheel drive with 50 50 torque split front to rear under normal conditions viscous coupling locking differential in the center inside the transaxle case activates when wheels start to slip torque apportion from 80 20 tro 20 80 source because the coupling can t be locked completely, subaru legacy first generation wikipedia - when the legacy was first introduced february 1 1989 in japan the legacy came in the following trim levels the 220 ps 162 kw dohc 2 0 liter turbocharged rs with a 5 speed manual transmission only followed by the vz sedan and wagon and the tz sedan and wagon with the 150 ps 110 kw dohc 2 0 liter engine, subarus over 100 000 miles subaru high mileage club - these vehicles have achieved the first milestone of having passed the 100 000 mile mark for a subaru they are just getting broken in note not all pictures may appear