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toyota highlander general steering problems part 1 - when turning the steering wheel on my 2012 toyota highlander i experience a pop in the steering wheel my mechanic says this is a recurring problem with the intermediate steering shaft but is not warranted by toyota notwithstanding the fact it is a known and common problem with this year vehicle, clunking or knocking noise from wheels inspection service - how much does clunking or knocking noise from wheels inspection cost get an estimate instantly service parts cost recommendations from yourmechanic your definitive guide to clunking or knocking noise from wheels inspection, snap crackle pop intermediate shaft noise coming from - if you own a 2008 2013 toyota highlander vehicle you may have noticed a clunk pop or knock type noise when turning the steering wheel left or right, steering rack and pinion problems of toyota rav4 - i have 106 700 miles on my car and i start hear clicking and knocking noises inside on my rack and pinion when my car is not in motion and i turn my wheel i hear this noise also when ii hit potholes i feel something loose in my steering wheel as far as im searchig many people of toyota rav4 owners having same problem toyota should make this as a recall, why is there noise when turning my steering wheel - i have a 1999 acura tl and recently i ve noticed kind of like grinding noise can t figure out what kind of noise when i first start my car and put it in drive i turn the steering wheel both ways and it starts making this aweful rubbing noise, learn your car how different car parts and sensors work - an alternator is attached to the engine and run by a drive belt when the engine is running an alternator generates electric power to charge the battery, 2012 toyota camry tsbs carcomplaints com - 588 technical service bulletins have been issued for the 2012 toyota camry, wheel bearing noise do i have a bad bluedevil products - the wheel bearings in your car take a lot of abuse and not surprisingly why we get a lot of questions about wheel bearing noise and signs of bad bearings, honda odyssey questions front end rattle clunk cargurus - should i need to have the front end of my 2002 honda odyssey lined up after replacing both front struts i replace the whole unit consisting of the shock springs etc 1 answer i replaced the front struts on my 2002 honda odyssey and immediately afterward when driving home the steering wheel was no longer orientated properly, alldata tech tips trends blog pro tips automotive news - there are plenty of articles on how to use scan tools voltmeters lab scopes service information and diagnostic dice yes that is a real product this is not one of those articles, mitsubishi endeavor questions 2004 endeavor engine knock - remove the serpentine belt and start the engine does it still knock if not it s an accessory like the alternator power steering pump a c compressor water pump or possibly the harmonic balancer, 2012 impreza subaru specs options dimensions and more - research the 2012 impreza specs colors options prices photos and details on all the various models this is the 2012 impreza 2 0l page are you looking for the 2013 impreza the 2013 xv crosstrek the 2013 wrx sti the 2011 impreza the 2012 wrx sti on this page photos scroll down i about news and updates i whats new for 2012 i dimensions i safety i maintenance and warranty i model, my personal finance journey - hello and welcome my name is jacob a husband to a wine blogger wife father to a bouncy boy toddler and i m the owner author of my personal finance journey, 2018 jbl premium sound upgrade page 4 toyota tundra forum - quite tick when volume all the way off no engine noise at all get small speaker bump when you start truck but that is new im told from tacotunes for the 18 the stock remote wire makes an even louder sound when starting truck now they recommend using ignition 4 fuse under drivers dash is the hiss lower level noise volume all the way down or all the time like engine noise, toyota land cruiser owner s manual pdf download - view and download toyota land cruiser owner s manual online land cruiser automobile pdf manual download also for land cruiser 2004 2004 land cruiser 100, rodents damage cars by chewing electrical connections - editor s note drivenct com is a consumer auto guide which ctwatchdog editor publisher george gombossy helped create provides editorial guidance and advertising in return for a marketing fee, autoblog new cars used cars for sale car reviews and - this article was written for autoblog by our friends at ridester a terrific resource dedicated to helping rideshare drivers maximize their potential as well as providing news information and, firestone corporate office corporate office hq - 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